Unveiling the Shepherd's Rod   


In this particular work, author Ismael Rodriguez provides a thorough examination of the doctrinal errors and theological inconsistencies espoused by the Davidian movement. Having been a highly influential figure in the "Shepherd's Rod" himself at one point in the past, Ismael and his family left after discovering specific doctrinal errors. Therefore, as a result of his first-hand, in-depth experience with this splinter group, Ismael is in a unique postion as an authority to expose the deceptions of the "Shepherd's Rod. " 

Overall, this work is the written product of Ismael's personal, in-depth investigation into the fallacies of the "Shepherd's Rod" theology. Using both the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy as divinely inspired support, this work essentially exposes and refutes the various Davidian heresies in a simple and yet systematic way. As one of the first major compilations of its kind, it is an essential tool for any Seventh-Day Adventist Christian. A work of this kind is long overdue for Seventh-Day Adventists - it is an absolute must for anyone who seeks to expose the theological inconsistencies of the "Shepherd's Rod" Davidian movement - a  group that does "not endure sound doctrine" (2 Timothy 4:3).

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